Welcome to Connections - the Equivus Online Support Resource Center  

Connections - your direct link to complete service management.

With the customer in mind, the Equivus team created this new and groundbreaking service portal. Nowhere else can you find a resource tool that will simplify your life and save your time more effectively than Connections.

The unique features of Connections let you manage your services and account information in only a mouse-click. The portal makes it easy for you to:

  • review your managed service status ( Servers, Hosting, VPNs, Backups, etc.)
  • receive important network and security updates
  • check invoices and payment history
  • consult online support documentation
  • chat with other Equivus customers
  • submit trouble tickets
  • and much more!

And we have more planned! In the near future, we will add more features to Connections in order to make your Service management an even easier task. Look forward to:

  • see Connections in Spanish and German
  • edit your billing and contact information
  • make convenient online payments
Please visit www.equivus.com for Equivus product information and to order new service.

Tel: 1.866.378.4887, 1.815.356.1537 Fax: 1.815.356.1548

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